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Yesterday, today and tomorrow, this is the essence and strength of the Merchina Center; cut the hair from our stylists, artisans, through reprocessing of the fascinating and elegant past, it affirms itself in the contemporary and freshness of the lines, it explores with creativity and innovation the future always with the utmost professionalism and personalization.

The Cut

40 Years of experience the proprietor Pino Marchio and its incredible taste, combined with creativity and dynamism Of his son Fabio with experiences abroad between Barcelona and London and collaborations with the greatest contemporary hair stylists.

Have given rise to a kind of innovative cutting, A mix where the search for new forms and creative cutting methodologies are combined with the elegance, sweetness and femininity of wonderful classic shapes.


Run the cut first from wet hair and then from dry hair or vice versa. A special methodology of cutting where the fundamental importance is "listening" of the Hair: The natural fall, the roses, volumes and structure the hair is of paramount importance for a long lasting and easy-to-maintain cut.

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