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Customizing, avant-garde, rigor and thoroughness: these recipes of all our treatment


    For silky and shiny hair of the perfect color gradation

  • Organic Lands

    Machina Hairstyling proposes a valid and certified alternative to chemical color. A conscious choice of what you apply on your skin. The formulation of "Organic Lands" They have replaced all the chemical components with vegetable derivatives, this is because respect for your health and the environment come first of all. No Sles, No chemical dyes, no parabens, no artificial scents, no animal testing. "Natura meets science, Nature Loves science"

  • Balayage

    The Balayage makes it possible to have clear reflections from the natural

  • White Reduction

    Very effective treatment for man-related issues of white hair

  • Extensions

    We offer the best techniques available on the market today: allowing the extensions to adorn the foliage of each woman, sometimes determining the fashion, a way of being or simply lengthening and mount up to correct small blemishes.

  • Movie, Freedom of Movement

    Movie is not a permanent chemical curl, it is a "system" for Handle all types of hair. Contrary to the "old type permanent" does not contain Amoniaca, thioglycolic acid and their derivatives. Movie with its Innovative Modeling Agent And in combination with amino acids (arginine, cystic, lysine and taurine) acting on the structure Cheratinica, plasmandolaed at the same time restructuring.

  • Other Marchina Services Hairstyling

    Snow White Effect
    Light Baths
    Natural anti-aging treatments
    Enlargement of the hair
    Japanese ironing or keratin
    Hair Thickening
    Natural pigment processing

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