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Customize your look with our makeup artist: event consulting, events, wedding advice or a daily beauty; Enriched by individual courses of make up, aimed to make you reach a gesture that suits your needs. All supported by the quality of our professional line "Nee Makeup Artist Milano"

Aesthetic Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure curative that aesthetic, Performed with first-quality materials using exclusively sterilized instruments according to the current applicable law. Nuance countless with canvases updated by following the modes and the events all branded O.P.I. from Los Angeles.


Innovative treatment for a nail polish "super durability" and an extraordinary nail care. Lucidity and perfection up to three weeks. Using only and exclusively top products. We rely on O.P.I. from Los Angels Gel Color, leading and world-renowned company. 

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